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Son of an English mother and Austrian father, Siegfried Stegmueller was born October 1970 in Vienna, Austria where he grew up and is still based. He has always had an autodictatic approach to each and every kind of creativity ranging from computer graphics to "hand-made" music (electric rock bass) and currently photography. His focal point is now concentrated on expressing the visual side of life. For more detailed, chronological information and insight into the artist's concepts please read on ...
PHOTOGRAPHY & ART (2004 until the present)

After working for several years at the photo desk of a daily newspaper, he had his first experience in press photography. However, after several press publications, it was no longer the challenge he was seeking. He then moved on to a more sophisticated approach to photography. The combination of his skills in digital retouching and his unique view of the world through the lens led to the creation of photographic pictures with explicit artistic and creative aspects.

Setting up backdrop scenery and staging his subject matter in an effort to create a unique atmosphere is his favourite field of work. Finding the appropriate locations and using original props are essential for a successful rendition. He undertakes the work process in a classical studio situation but shooting on location is his preferred working method. This offers much more opportunity and space for improvisation and is the most rewarding challenge.
MUSIC (1994-2004)

As a multi-talented artist his next interest focused on music as a form of expression. He began playing the drums and finally became an accomplished electric bass player in a classic hard rock band called Rock'n'Roll's Voice. Playing their own compositions in the style of music he had grown up with (e.g. AC/DC, Kiss), the band played over a period of nine years at numerous gigs and festivals and also released two CDs: "Raw And Real" (1998, live) & "Let Rock Rule" (2002, studio).

Faced with the usual ignorance and non-appreciation here in Austria towards almost all native artistic activity, the band quit and Siegfried Stegmueller intensified the visual aspects of expressing his view using photography. While still composing the occassional small piece of music, and knowing first hand the emotions a musician feels on stage, his ability to truly capture the atmosphere of live events and experiences through his camera is second nature.
COMPUTER GRAPHICS & PRINT DESIGN (1984 until the present)

Starting off at the age of 14, in a time before "internet" and "multi media", he was part of the world-wide pioneer work and lead-in to the now natural and everyday use of electronic communication and visuals. The tools then were hardware like the now legendary Commodore 64, later the Commodore Amiga.

As a result, his efforts and concepts led to creating graphics for the so-called "Demos" (Demoszene) and later for computer games. The logical evolution was then the creation of website and multimedia content. Adding the skills of creating logos, corporate design and print material, he still works as a graphic artist for selected clients under his label 
 Stegmueller Grafik . Discovering his talent for photography, he then learned the technology of digital retouching and photomontage.
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